About the company

At Highercare, our mission is to improve the quality of life and peace of mind of those living with incontinence.

Having worked closely with nursing homes for years, our team has conducted extensive market research and surveys in order to best understand the needs of those living with incontinence. Our findings exposed two critical gaps in the incontinence product market. First, a lack of satisfaction among incontinence products users; Second, low-quality products at high prices. It became our goal to close these gaps.


Since 2013, HigherCare has revived the incontinence market – offering quality products at an affordable price. Our line combines premium protection, comfort, and discretion all at a discount. We whole-heartedly stand behind our products and so do our loyal customers. Our products speak for themselves – Which is why we encourage you to try one of our samples, for free.

We are committed to making your HigherCare experience enjoyable from start to finish. From finding the right product, to placing an order, to receiving a shipment – we are here for you. A compassionate, knowledgeable customer care agent will be available 7 days a week. Whether you have a question, a compliment, a complaint, or a suggestion – we want to hear from you. Here at HigherCare, we strive towards improving everyday – and in doing so, improving the every-day lives of individuals, families and caretakers.

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